Beautiful Young Mum Crushed To Death By Her Own BMW Car With Her Baby Inside (Photo)

Sameha Mahmood, a young mother was crushed to death under the wheels of her own BMW after she failed to set the handbrake properly, an inquest heard today.

According to a report by Metro UK, Sameha Mahmood was killed on the steep driveway of her parents’ home when the car – which still had her daughter inside – rolled over her.

The 25-year-old had driven the car to collect her mother, Zahida Akhtar, for a birthday celebration at her aunt’s home when the tragedy happened.

A coroner heard that Sameha had telephoned her mother at around 8.20pm to tell her she was waiting outside.

However when Mrs Akhtar went outside three minutes later, all she could see was her daughter’s shoes strewn on the driveway and her car at the bottom of the drive in Whitelands Road, High Wycombe.

Mrs Akhtar said: ‘It was strange, like she was trying to run and was leaving her shoes behind’.

The panicked mother shouted out her daughter’s name but it was not until a passer-by suggested looking underneath the car that she discovered she had been crushed.

She said: ‘When I looked down I was shock. ‘I saw her on one side and I started screaming for help. I could see she was not breathing.’

The inquest in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, heard that Mrs Akhtar’s son, Mohammed Usman Mahmood, was inside the house in his bedroom at the time. He described how he heard a thud ‘like someone was dropping a wheelie bin’ and then someone screaming for two to three seconds.

When he went outside he saw his mother repeatedly screaming at a man saying ‘save my daughter’ and ‘get her out from under the car’.

‘I could see my sister’s baby in the child seat in the rear of the BMW and my mother was just screaming and screaming’, his statement said. ‘I gave the baby to my mum and told her to take her inside.’

The inquest was told that around 15 to 20 neighbours rushed outside their homes and used car jacks and bricks to try to lift the car off Sameha. Mohammed described to the coroner how he opened the driver’s door and pulled the handbrake up after finding it had not been applied.

Emergency services arrived at the scene in Whitelands Road soon after and freed Sahema from underneath the car.

However, paramedics were unable to perform CPR as her chest cavity was crushed and she was pronounced dead at the scene at about 8.50pm on December 23.

A vehicle examination later found there were no defects with the car. Road traffic collision investigator Andrew Evans said there was a possibility that Sahema might have been trying to stop the car from rolling into the road.

He said: ‘With the absence of any other evidence it is likely Sahema failed to set the handbrake or didn’t sufficiently apply the handbrake and she was run over by the vehicle as it rolled backwards while she was at the rear of it.

‘When she got out it may have been enough to disturb the car. She may have been going around the back anyway or got out to do something.

‘The car started rolling back and the baby is in the back and she may have run around to try to stop it.

‘That can happen in the stress of a situation like that. She was certainly around the back of the vehicle when it happened.’

A post-mortem examination found Sahema had broken her ribs and pelvis, as well as rupturing her spleen.

Pathologist Professor Ian Roberts said the cause of death was likely to be asphyxia but concluded it was result of multiple injuries.

Sahema, a pharmacy dispenser, had been married to shop assistant Waqas Razaq for two-and-a-half-years.

Assistant coroner Alison McCormick recorded a conclusion of road traffic accident.

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