Beverly Osu Shares Her Thoughts On Depression

Beverly shared on her Instagram her own bit on the topic depression, more from the point of someone who has experienced it personally.

She wrote, “You don’t understand depression until you can’t stand your own presence in an empty room. When you are alone, you reflect then over think, then regret and become depressed.
Everyone ( celebrities, Youths, old, rich & poor) experiences a mental illness ( anxiety, stress disorder, paranoia etc) but yet it’s laughed upon and overlooked, just so you know depression is not a decision, it’s a disorder .. we live in a society that is still deeply confused about mental illness.. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 8 million people die each year from it. ..
HOW DO WE HANDLE IT? -You can help by providing more happiness to everyone. You never know what someone is going through.. — I feed my soul with the word of God when I feel it creeping in.”

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Source – Greennews


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