Dino Melaye Will Not Be A Senator By June – Governor Bello’s Chief Of Staff (Video)


Dino Melaye

Edward Onoja, the Chief of staff of Governor Yahaya Bello was caught on camera boasting that Senator Dino Melaye’s political career will soon be over.

According to the public office holder who was seen speaking to some supporters in Lokoja, he assured them of Melaye’s political end by June. Onoja reiterated that as far as God is in existence, Melaye’s end was very close.

“There’s somebody in Kogi State, he calls himself Senator Dino. If by the end of June he is not down in Kogi State, then there is no God.

“Anyone who digs a pit for you, must fall inside that pit.

“If by the end of June, he (Melaye) is still standing as a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, it means there is no God. And I know that there is God.”


Melaye, for some time now has been locked in a political tussle with his former friend, Governor Yahaya Bello. The tussle has led to constituents allegedly initiating a call-back process, administered by INEC and most recently, Melaye’s alleged arming of political thugs in Kogi.

Watch the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v25OYjwAUCE]

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