Dog Falling From The Sky Knocks Out A Young Woman In Broad Daylight (Video)

The woman was knocked out

A really astonishing footage has shown the moment a dog fell from the sky and knocked out a woman after landing on her head.

The Incredible CCTV shows the woman get hit by the yellow canine as she walks towards a building.

She’s left completely motionless on the floor but remarkably the animal gets up and walks away.

According to Daily Star UK, the injured female reportedly suffered concussion and a serious neck injury.

She was taken to hospital for emergency treatment, according to local reports.

The freak accident happened on April 15 in the Baiyun district of Guangzhou.

A woman carrying a toddler can be seen walking in front of the injured female and is left stunned by the incident.

She turns suddenly to check on the injured woman.

Local police have not disclosed which window the dog fell from but are treating the incident as an accident.

Officers are trying to track the owner of the mutt, which is not thought to have suffered any serious injuries.

The clip was first uploaded to the Chinese video site Pear Video.

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