Drivers In Shock As Massive Alligator Causes Chaos Storms Busy Road (Photos)

A really terrifying footage has emerged of the moment an alligator attempted to cross a busy road in America.

The video shows the huge reptile spread across a junction as commuters watch on in horror.

Someone beeps the animal in an attempt to shift it – but the gator appears unfazed. 

It then turns around and walks off – leaving onlookers baffled. 

The video cuts out before we know what happen next.

It was captured in Seffner, Florida, USA, on April 21 and has gained popularity after being shared on ViralHog’s YouTube channel.

The man behind the recording revealed: “My family and I were coming from a football camp. 

“My girlfriend was driving and as she was making a turn, she noticed the alligator crossing the road.”

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