Embarrassment: Bridesmaid Falls Flat While Trying To Catch Bride’s Bouquet At Wedding Reception

An interesting footage has emerged of the moment one woman got a bit too excited about catching the bride’s bouquet.

It is a well-known tradition to throw the bouquet over your shoulder on your wedding day and the action is said to be good luck to the single lady who manages to clutch it.

But one punter got a bit too excited over the big moment last weekend. 

The video shows her epic fail as she pounces to be first on the scene. 


She headed straight for the ground after tripping

But the bunch strikes an arrangement on the ceiling and falls short of the group. 

The woman stumbles across the dancefloor before eventually losing her footing completely. 

She gets up and attempts a high-five with her mate, which she misses completely. 

The bride retrieves the flowers and they make a second attempt.

But the video cuts before we know her fate.


Other women picked her up after the fall

The clip was uploaded to Reddit yesterday and has already gone viral, racking up more than 13,500 upvotes.

And viewers loved it. 

One comment read: “Jesus Christ she looks drunk – someone needs to keep her upright.”

And another added: “Open bar weddings are the best.”

Before a third snapped: “I’d marry her.”

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