Ex-Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria, Omowunmi Akinnifesi Shares Touching Story About Her Late Father

Omowunmi Akinnifesi

A former beauty queen who won Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria crown in 2005, Omowunmi Akinnifesi has taken to social media to share a beautiful family photo with loving tribute to her late father.

She wrote: “#Yetiwon. Family is EVERYTHING! We took this picture in Dubai 2weeks ago. 

My Father worked at the Central Bank of Nigeria where he was a Director. I grew up in Sierra Leone where my Father was a Diplomat and worked with the West African Clearing House (WATCH). It was all fine and dandy till the Civil war for diamonds started. As diplomats we were not safe so we had to return back to Nigeria. Moved back lived my whole life in Ikoyi.

My father schooled at Yale, he had a PHD and he had so many degrees that when he passed they couldn’t mention everything at the funeral. He was a successful man. Sucessful career wise, successful family wise.

He knew everything. When I was doing my Masters at Kings College London, and I had this very difficult Climate Model to build in excel using Formulars (Super complex stuff), he sat on his sick bed at the hospital with a view facing the Tower of London and the River Thames and explained it all to me. #yetiwon

How one man can develop such a generation is outstanding. These are the women of the Akinnifesi generation. My Mum, My sisters and their kids. The Men are not in this pic tho. My two brothers and my sister’s husbands. Most importantly my Dad, who passed 4 years ago.

Please when is Fathers day? Is there Sister’s day? I am missing my Dad. I hate the fact that my Dad could not be in this picture. Love you Dad. Rest in peace.”

See the family photo below:

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