Ex-President Jonathan To Inaugurate First Flyover Project In Ekiti On Wednesday

Gov. Ayo Fayose

While speaking yesterday at a rally by commercial motorcyclists from the 16 councils in Ekiti State, Governor Ayo Fayose disclosed that ex-President Goodluck Jonathan will on Wednesday, inaugurate the Ado-Ekiti first Flyover.

According to The Nation, Governor Fayose also condemned a statement allegedly credited to President Muhammadu Buhari that youths were lazy, and urged youths to vote out All Progressives Congress (APC) next year.

The governor said youths and women constituted huge votes, regretting that a President could allegedly utter a statement disparaging the younger generation, adding that Buhari promised to create three million jobs, but criticised him for allegedly deriding the youth rather than creating jobs.

Fayose said: “When you stand here, we see the category of people here, they are mostly young people. Our President went abroad and said Nigerian youths are lazy. By 2019, we have to vote against the President. You must vote for people who believe in youths, not people who condemn and call youths lazy persons.

“Elections are won by youths and women in Nigeria. How can our President go abroad and condemn our youths? They promised three million jobs every year, they did not provide one. Anybody that calls you lazy people must be removed.

“We believe in you, we will stand by you and support you. We will inaugurate the flyover on April 25. Jonathan will come to inaugurate the bridge. Jonathan is my own president.”

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