Fashola Scored a Trip to Russia with a One Time Try

Fashola’s story is so remarkable. He is one of the winners who just scored a trip to go watch the FIFA World Cup games live in Russia later in June this year courtesy Coca-Cola.

The young man who lives in Ile-Ife, Osun State is a devoted fan of Coca-Cola and usually drinks Coke to alleviate his stress. He is also frequently gets on social media to get updated about current situations and that was how he stumbled on the Coca-Cola “Score a Trip to Russia” Promo. He saw a post on social media and decided to try out in the competition.

On his way back from work, he buys a bottle of Coke and this time hangs on to the crown. When he got home, he sends the code to 5453 and the rest is history.

How would he have guessed that with just one try, he would qualify as a winner in the Coca-Cola “Score a Trip to Russia” promo? But he did anyway and he just believed. Today, he is a proud winner who will be watch the live FIFA World Cup games for real in Russia 2018.

This could be your story too. So, go get a bottle of Coke, check under the crown for the code, text the code to 5453 or upload the code online on https://torussiawith.coke.com.ng/ and follow the SMS prompts.

Follow the official Coca-Cola social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more “Score a Trip to Russia” information.

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