Incredible! Young Man Develops System That Produces Electricity From Road Traffic (Photos)

A young South African innovator identified as Clement Mokoenene, has developed a Vehicle Energy Harvesting System (VEHS) that produces electricity from road traffic. 

The man who won the SA Chivas Venture award with his innovation, wrote on about VEHS and said that it is a “portable power station that converts traffic pressure on the road into renewable electricity.

“It uses a specially designed layer placed on road surfaces to harvest pressure created by vehicles. This pressure then powers turbines that generate electricity.”

Writing further, Clement explained that the system neither uses any raw materials nor emits greenhouse gases, making it friendly to the environment. 

The young innovator said he got his idea from a plane landing: “In 2011, I saw an Airbus A380 land and it got me thinking about the pressure and heat a plane puts on the runway. 

“I looked at our roads and the many potholes (which is a clear indication of how much pressure they’re under) and discovered a link to energy. From there, it was just down to finding ways to harvest that pressure to generate electricity.” 

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