Love Is Beautiful: Elderly Man With Walking Stick All Smiles As He Weds His Old Bride In Imo (Photos)

These viral photos have shown the new couple causing quite a buzz online with their decision to get married.

Love is ageless and without boundaries and this couple have proven just that with their commitment to each other.

The man and wife are apparently really old. In fact, the man is so old that he had to rely on a walking stick to carry himself around. This notwithstanding, the man and woman took their love to the next level with this decision to marry.

The new husband and wife are seen posing together inside the premises of a church after getting married, not letting age hinder the public celebration of their love.

Obviously very much into each other, the couple hold on to themselves while striking poses for the camera. 

Local reports show that the wedding took place in Imo State in a low-key ceremony. Family and friends who knew of the couple’s love for each other were in attendance.

See more photos below:

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