Man Divorces Girlfriend For Having A Big Tummy

Twitter user, @babyyygucci has taken to the platform to share chats with her worried partner over her big tummy caused by taking beer.

From their conversation and pictures, it was obvious that the young lady was a gorgeous and beautiful one with flat tummy, before the massive transformation to her tummy, which usually turn her boyfriend down.

She said:
“I’m 120 pounds. I have been for about 5 months.My partner said this to me. Am I overreacting for feeling hurt by this? I’m at a loss and just can’t even comprehend how someone who claims to love me can say this.”

According to another tweet by her, she had ended the relationship due to emotional trauma she got.

She wrote yesterday:
“People really think I dumped my bf just because of those comments about my weight. Not that it’s anyone’s business but he gaslighted me during every fight, I wasn’t allowed to hangout with my best guy friend, plus so much more. My idea to end things has been an option for weeks.”


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