Man Stabbed To Death While Trying To Separate Fighting Wives

A man has met his death at the hands of one of his wives while he was trying to separate them from fighting.
A man has met an unfortunate end this morning at his home in Dirdeu, Adamawa State.

The sad incident as narrated by an eyewitness Abdulrahman Njidda Yebb, occurred when the late man’s first wife of 20 years, Hauwa was fighting the second wife and Adamu Dewa who is the stabbed husband intervened in a bid to settle the fight when she stabbed him.

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Prior to his death, Adamu has reportedly been threatened with death severally by his first wife who accuses him of favouring the second wife over her.

The mother of 5 complained of being treated unequally by her late husband but no official statement from her as regards the death.

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