New photo of Tobi Bakre and Cee-C… Why is Tobi not smiling?

Cynthia Nwadiora and Tobi Bakre are both pictured together as they posed for the camera..

But then, in the picture, CeeC is smiling, looking all rather cute Tobi isn’t… But he still looks totally handsome as the fine boy that he is.

Bad photograph perhaps?

See the photo below:

Recall the sponsors of the show, Payporte had an exclusive interview with the Top 5 Housemates, and they opened up on their regrets, what they enjoyed in the house and more.

CeeC’s interview:

Cee-C is the definition of strength and grace, in this interview she brought in her intellect, fun and of course the real woman she is. It was so much fun interviewing her, she made it so easy to see through her. She talks about her only regret in the house and how she feels about her stay in the house.

Onome: How do you feel tonight?

Cee-C: I’m very fine, I’m good.

Onome: Will you still be friends with Tobi?

Cee-C: am I allowed to skip questions ?but it’s okay, maybe No for now but we don’t tomorrow so I will say yes.

Onome: was is the one thing you wish you didn’t do while in the house

Cee-C: It will be the day I ripped off the cultural costume outfit given by PayPorte, it is an action I’m really sorry about, I guess I didn’t understand the idea behind the outfit so I’m really sorry about that.

Onome: You brought drama to the house, with you we don’t know what to expect, how do you feel about that?

Cee-C: I’m glad I was able to bring my best to the house and I enjoyed my stay in the house.

Tobi’s interview:

Tobi, the fine boy himself, this guy was so calm and accommodating. He gave me a nice audience and I had plenty fun chatting with him. He talks about his relationship with Alex and how he managed his emotions.

Onome: How you feeling tonight?

Tobi: I’m great

Onome: How do you really feel about Alex?

Tobi: I like Alex but I will say everything still depends on her.

Onome: Do you think something can happen between you guys in the future?

Tobi: Definitely, nobody knows tomorrow

Onome: Some people believe you were on a low key in the house, you were humble and all, is that really who you are?

Tobi: That is who I am, humility is key.

Onome: Your outburst with Cee-C, how did you manage your emotions?

Tobi: That is who I am, you don’t hurt your friends.

Onome: What do you have to say about the outfits PayPorte styled you with in the house?

Tobi: The outfits were amazing.

Onome: What was your favourite outfit?

Tobi: The role model outfit, it was on point!

Onome: Thank you for your time

Tobi: It’s a pleasure

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