One hour with Dangote auctioned for N600k at a recent event (Video)

During a recent event hosted by an N.G.O, identified as the ‘Enough Is Enough Nigeria( Eienigeria)’ initiative, there was an auction for a One hour meeting with Nigerian Billionaire, Aliko Dangote

At the auction, the initial and only bid was N600,000 which was supposed to be used to fund the account of the N.G.O and assist the movement of its cause, however the guests at the auction didn’t participate in the trade and the bid didn’t go to anyone since nobody accepted the trade.

The anchor of the event did a great job, as the action caused a lot of humor and got the guests cracked up with laughter

As expected, this auction has sparked some controversy online as different people have different opinions as to what they would discuss with the billionaire if they had just an hour to meet with him, after a payment of N600,000.

Watch video here;

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