Ozubulu Massacre: Man Targeted By Hired Assassins Surfaces Again (Photos)


High Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu on building inspection

The founder of Ebubechukwuzo Foundation Ozubulu, High Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu (Bishop) visited Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled, Old and Tramps (RECDOT), Ozubulu on the 14th April, 2018.

The state of their residence is very poor and dilapidated, quite unconducive for real humans which attracted his compassion and attention considering the life threatening situation of the inmates who are mostly disabled, he (Ebubechukwuzo, Bishop) donated the sum of N10 million before on Sunday being 8th April, 2018 in addition to his previous donations to complete the massive building meant to accommodate all of them including their helpers

On his (Ebubechukwuzo, Bishop) visit, he found out that the sum he donated N10 million can’t go far in completion of the big structure, so he said in quote “Keep the N10 Million Naira I donated, sum all that is needed to complete this building before 1st May (2 weeks) and I will foot the bill. I feel sad seeing these kids in a dirty and unkempt environment please. I will complete this building so that I can be happy seeing them in comfort and happiness. All I need is your prayers because this type of promises provoke the devil but by God’s grace I can do all this through Christ who strengthens me”

His recent appearance has led to diverse reactions on social media, with accusing fingers being pointed at him concerning the yet to be unraveled incident of bloodshed in Ozubuli.

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