Shocker: Man Kicks And Punches Pregnant Wife To Death During Their Honeymoon (Photos)

Sophie Daenen and Gregory Vande Vyvere were on their honeymoon in Sharm-el-Sheikh

A former commando has been jailed for 25 years after kicking, punching and biting his pregnant newlywed wife to death on their honeymoon.

Sofie Daenen, 32, was killed just days after her wedding celebrations in the Egyptian resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh last year.

Her entire family was said to have disapproved of her marriage to 35-year-old Gregory Vande Vyvere, from Waregem, Belgium – with her father telling her moments before she left on her honeymoon: ‘I fear you will not return.’  

Daenen, who was four months pregnant, was found dead in the hotel bathroom covered in bruises and bite marks after Vande Vyvere called the police two days after the murder.

According to the autopsy, she was beaten, kicked and bitten to death.

During the trial it emerged almost none of Sofie’s family approved of the marriage – claiming her husband regularly beat her.

One family friend said: ‘Even on their wedding day she was covered in bruises.’

The incident occurred at this resort where the couple were having their honeymoon

Sofie’s own father did not attend the ceremony and warned her not to go on honeymoon.

The heartbroken dad said: ‘Her mother and I did not support the marriage.

‘When she said she would go on honeymoon to Egypt, I warned her about it and said, “I fear that you will not return”.’

Yesterday, Vande Vyvere was found guilty by an Egyptian court on murder charges.

Vande Vyvere, who used to be an elite paratroop commando of the Immediate Reaction Cell of the Belgian army, was sentenced to 25 years in an Egyptian prison.

Sofie Daenen’s relatives were relieved to see him locked away.

One relative said: ‘We are relieved that he is punished there and not in Belgium, where he might have gotten off much lighter.’

Daenen leaves behind two children aged 10 and 8 which she had from a previous relationship.

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