Shocker: Woman Throws Herself In Front Of Speeding Car In Broad Daylight…You Won’t Believe Why (Video)

A really shocking dash cam footage has shown the moment a young woman is thrown to the ground after jumping in front of an oncoming van as part of an alleged ‘cash-for-crash’ insurance scam.

At the beginning of the clip the woman is seen standing at the side of a road before she runs out and stops in the path of the moving security van.

Many viewers say it appears as though the woman throws herself onto the car bonnet before falling to the ground, despite the van almost coming to a complete stop by the time it reaches her.

When a passenger gets out to check on the woman, others inside the vehicle loudly shout that the collision in the town of Klin, just outside of Moscow, Russia, is a ‘set up’

The video was posted to social media in Russia this weekend, causing many to question the woman’s motives.

Viewers have slammed her for throwing herself at the van in an attempt to make money.

One person commented online: ‘People do not know what to do in order to get some money.’

The driver of the van, whose name has not been reported, told local reporters that he has the contact details of another driver who happened to witness the incident.

The woman involved has not been named and police are not said to be investigating the footage.

Watch the video video: 

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