So Embarrassing: BBC Presenter Falls Inside Pool Live On Air During Interview With Athletes (Video)

BBC presenter Mike Bushell suffered an embarrassing fall while interviewing the British swim team this morning

A video has shown the moment a BBC presenter, Mike Bushell suffered the hilarious misfortune of falling into a swimming pool live on air this morning.

In the video, the journalist was interviewing the British swim team when he accidentally plunged into the pool – leaving them in stitches, The Sun UK reports.

The fall came mere seconds before Mike warned he had to be “very careful” not to get his sound pack wet as they sat with their feet dipped in the water.

But his equipment would no doubt have been the last thing on his mind when he lowered himself into the pool, missed a step and found himself completely submerged.

“Congratulations,” he told the sports stars who are currently competing in the Commonwealth Games, before slipping and shouting: “Whoops, I didn’t see the step.”

Try though they might, the swimmers, who included Adam Peaty and Siobhan Marie O’Connor, couldn’t contain their laughter at the gaffe.

Ben Proud and James Guy were even seen holding their hands to their faces following the blunder.

And it wasn’t only the athletes who burst into laughter, as viewers shared their glee on social media.

“This delighted my son so much he watched it 4 times. The best bit was Mike Bushell then having to continue the interviews pretty much nose to nose,” one quipped.

“Awesome TV, sending millions off laughing to work @mikebushell he’s my hero!” another praised.

One viewer laughed: “Classic Mike Bushell. He literally said he’d have to be careful not to get his sound pack wet moments beforehand…”

Others commended Mike’s ability to quickly regain his composure despite the embarrassing moment, branding the reporter “a true professional”.

Watch the video below:

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