UNICAL Students Allegedly Confronted With ‘Lazy Nigerian Youth’ Question During Exam (Photo)

Apparently, the dust stirred by the controversial ‘lazy Nigerian youth’ comment that President Muhammadu Buhari made recently about young Nigerians, is not dying down soon, as the matter is still a topic of public debate and consideration.

Since the statement was made by President Buhari during the Commonwealth Business Forum in London, angry Nigerians have attacked the president for what they consider to be an ‘insensitive comment’ to make about hard working young Nigerians, trying to make life better for themselves.

Now, the issue has made its way into a Nigerian university’s examination questions.

In a screenshot shared online by an anonymous student of the University Of Calabar, Cross River State,  the controversial statement is seen being set as a question in one of the examination at the institution by a lecturer. 

See below:

As expected, this has sparked a new round of argument and attacks on President Buhari by youths on social media. 

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