Woman In Shock After Waking Up To See Lizard Tied To Her Husband’s Car At Night (Photos)

A woman has shared the unusual experience she and her family had recently on social media before going on to seek for payers on social media afterwards.

The woman who hails from the Awba area of Anambra state, went spiritual after her family woke up to the unusual sight recently.

Identified as Esson Chucks who lives in Akwa, the state capital, the woman revealed that she and her family woke up to find out that a lizard was tied at the back of her husband’s car in the night. The family was reportedly shocked to see such ‘diabolic’ act the next morning.

After sharing the picture online, the distraught woman called for prayers for her family over fear of the unknown.

“Please sisters lift my family up in prayers. This what they tied in my husband’s car in the night.” she wrote

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