12 year old Ghanaian Lesbian seeks deliverance (Video)

A new video has gone viral online and it shows a 12-year-old girl from Ghana seeking deliverance from ‘Lesbianism’ at the church of controversial Ghanaian clergy, Bishop Daniel Obinim.

In the video, the little girl claimed that she has been practicing lesbianism for three years while speaking to the founder, Obinim.

According to her, “Three years ago, I slept with one of my seniors in school and since that day, I feel the urge to sleep with girls”

Narrating her first ever ordeal, she told Bishop Daniel Obinim, “My friend came to our house when nobody was around and asked to sleep with her or she will kill me.

“She took me to a room and forced me to sleep with her holding a knife and a broken mirror.”

“I have been luring some of my mates to practice such acts in the urinal. I have never slept with a guy before”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJvO8wVyHOo]

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