Shehu Sani, the senator representing Kaduna Central in a recent Facebook post outlined 15 things threatening Nigeria’s democracy at the moment. According to the lawmaker, Mass killings in the North Central and North West, Violations of freedom of speech,  Unaddressed perception of nepotism and many more are part of those things that is standing against Nigeria now.

See list below


1.Mass killings in the North Central and North West of Nigeria.

2.Increasing spate of Insurgents guerrilla attacks in the North East;the abductions and the plight of the abducted.

3.Violations of freedom of speech and increasing intolerance to contrary political views,peaceful dissent and peaceful protest.

4.Onslaught against the parliament and parliamentarians perceived as opposition.

5.Religious bigotry and rise of ethnic nationalism.

6.Disobedience to Court orders and resistance to rule of law on the alter of political exigencies.

7.Unaddressed perception of nepotism and favoritism.

8.Timidity of the major opposition party and disorderliness of the ruling party.

9.Public perception of credibility and moral problems of members of the parliament over corruption issues and patented as self serving.

9B.Public perception of a Tyrannical and autocratic President contemptuous of democratic values,surrounded by a vicious cabal.

10.Arbitrariness and increasing lawlessness of security agencies.

11.Docile and pliant civil society.

12.A deodorant and Insecticide style anti corruption crusade.

13.Compromised and subservient states assemblies and emperor Governors operating above the laws.

14.A dubious national objection to Hate speech that shields people in Position of power and targets ordinary Nigerians.

15.The prominence of the rabid political and economic interest and ambitions of the political elites over the peace and unity of the country.

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