Advice Column: I’m in love with my bestfriend’s mom and I don’t have the courage to woo her

The first time I set my eyes on my friend’s mom, I knew instantly that she is the woman for me. She is so beautiful, classy and intelligent. Her husband(my friend’s dad) died 3 years ago and she has remained single ever since. This woman should be in her early 40’s and I’m 21 and my friend is 19.

Age shouldn’t be a problem because I know I really love her but the problem is, I don’t have the courage to ask er out because I’m afraid of how she might react and if she tells my friend, he’d roast me. I go to their house a lot mainly to just look her as I can’t imagine a day without seeing her. Even when I was still an undergraduate(graduated last year), I would come home regularly because of her and go to her house in the  name of checking on my friend.

Seriously, I want to date her and pamper, please give me ideas on how to tell her I love her without making her see me as being ridiculous. Thanks