Advice Column: My Father is forcing me to marry his friend


My dad has this rich friend who has been of a lot of help to my family.  I can not tell how many times, this man gave me money throughout my university days. He gave my mom money to set up a business and has paid our rent for as long as I can remember. Recently, he and his wife divorced for reasons no one knows and effort to settle them proved abortive. Even my parents tried but nothing worked.

So, the problem now is, he told my dad he’d love to marry me, if only I agree on my own which was good. I told my dad, I would marry someone old enough to be my dad but my dad says his friend isn’t actually as old as him and I have no choice in the matter because the man has been good to us.

I want to run away from home because the pressure my dad puts on me daily is almost making me insane. My mom is unable to do or say anything, else my dad will attack her. I need serious mature advice.