Aisha Reacts To Buhari’s 4-Day London Medical Vacation

President Muhammadu Buhari

Aisha Yesufu, the co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls campaign group has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari scheduled medical trip to the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

The outspoken activist tackled Buhari for embarking on a medical trip that would gaurantee him best medical care while millions of Nigerians languish in the country due to lack of adequate medical care.

Writing on Twitter, Aisha said: “No one begrudges the President access to best healthcare the world has to offer. Some of us begrudge the President having that access and not ensuring citizens he is supposed to lead have that access.

“Would it be a bad thing for Nigeria to have the best healthcare in the world?

“Yes Rome was not built in a day but it started with a plan that was executed. What plan do we have for our healthcare? What have we started executing to get a world class healthcare?

“If a man as old as President Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari and with same ailment without money and State support needed to see a doctor. What hospital would that old man go to? The public hospitals aren’t working and no money to access private hospitals. No state support for foreign.

“One would have expected President Buhari @MBuhari having had health challenges would have empathy and an understanding of what those in such situations are going through and would do all to ensure strikes are not allowed to fester but he and his family get the best so who cares?”

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