Baby Dies After Mom Lost Balance In Her High Heels And Drops Him From A Balcony

Tragedy: Mohammed Shaikh’s parents had been attending a wedding at this Marriage Hall in Kalyan, near Mumbai, India, when the accident took place

A six-month-old baby died after his mother dropped him from a balcony at a wedding in Kalyan, near Mumbai, India, a report by Dailymail has revealed.

The woman identified as Femida Shaikh, 23, was reportedly struggling to walk in the high heels she had put on for the occasion, and lost her balance.

As she was making her way from the second floor, she stumbled and her infant son Mohammed slipped from her grip.

Baby Mohammed, from nearby Ulhasnagar, fell over the ledge and onto the first floor below.

He was rushed to hospital, but died before arrival, having suffered fatal injuries to his spine, local news reports.

Some reports say the baby fell from a balcony, while others say he had been dropped from the stairs. Police were called to the scene and later ruled out any foul play, ruling the baby’s death an accident. 

‘We immediately reached the spot after the incident and took the baby to hospital, where he was declared dead,’ Assistant police inspector Vijay Khedekar toldMid Day News.

‘The woman and her relatives have narrated the incident. 

‘We have registered an Accidental Death Report in the matter and handed over the body to the family.’ 

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