Brave Grandfather Hailed As Hero After Tripping And Disarming Man Fleeing From Police (Photos)

The grandfather saw the man coming and stuck out a leg, sending the armed suspect sprawling

A grandfather identified simply as Bill, who goes around with  a walking stick, has turned to a local hero after he tripped up an armed man, allowing police officers to capture him after a hot chase.

According to Dailymail UK, the grandfather, disclosed that he was waiting outside a library in Columbus, Ohio with his graddaughter when he heard police sirens and saw a man running, adding that he waited for the suspect to draw closer before sticking out a leg to trip him up.

The man said thought the 18-years-old, had a lead on the officers and so he decided to help them out by stucking a leg behind him as the suspect passed by, sending him sprawling and causing the man to drop his gun – likely saving his life.

Screenshots of a video clip show the grandfather dashing out of the way as armed officers descend on the suspect.

Bill who disclosed  that he saw a gun clattering away as the man fell to the ground, said: ‘He went one way and the gun went the other way. I could see him trying to pick it up so I got out of the way.’ 

Officers then arrest the man, with one saying: ‘You’re lucky you dropped that gun man. Boy you almost got shot.’ 

Police later said that Bill likely saved the suspect’s life by disarming him and allowing officers to catch up to him. They recovered a Glock 9mm pistol with a magazine containing 29 rounds from the suspect who was arrested and taken to the Franklin County Jail.

Columbus police said: ‘Community involvement, be it by courage, bravery and/or fancy footwork, helped take a criminal off the streets of Columbus.’

The officers seemed delighted with Bill’s actions, with one saying he could see the grandfather planning his intervention moments before the trip. 

An official can later be seen shaking Bill’s hand and thanking him for his bravery.

He said: ‘We have no idea if that might have turned out differently if you hadn’t done what you did. I cannot thank you enough sir. You are an outstanding community member.’ 

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