Brazil’s First Lady Jumps Into The Lake To Rescue Drowning Dog At Presidential Palace (Photos)

Brazil’s first lady, Marcela Temer, who was fully clothed has reportedly jumped into a lake at the presidential palace to rescue her pet dog.

Brazil’s first lady Marcela Temer (Photo: AFP)

Brazil’s First Lady, Marcela Temer, jumped into a lake at the presidential palace in Brasilia to rescue her dog, presidential officials have revealed.

When she found Picoly, a Jack Russell, in distress in the water, she threw herself into the lake fully clothed to rescue him.


The first lady and her president husband

A security agent who refused to help rescue the dog was dismissed from their post after the 22 April incident.

Mrs Temer had been walking in the gardens with her son, Michelzinho.

When Picoly took an interest in the lake, he dived in and could not return to shore.

Brazil’s President, Michel Temer, and his family have two dogs: Picoly and Thor, a golden retriever.

Thor has been known to interrupt the first lady’s meetings.

The British animal welfare charity the RSPCA says people should not put their lives in danger trying to rescue an animal from water.

Source: BBC

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