Dear Nigerian girl, marriage may not be what you need now

Dear Nigerian girl, it is not wrong to wish for a husband or anything but I have a problem.

I see the way young girls who have managed to graduate exude incompleteness even after getting a good job or owning a business .

They may have a good relationship but that doesn’t seem enough for them. They seem to be living by the timeline of the society.

They grow pushy.

Tell the guy that their time is passing and Bla Bla bla.

What time? Do you have expiry date? You see them sound as though they are yoghurts with best before dates.

Let me say something: if you feel that what will make you complete in life is a human being, please change that mindset.

Do not attach your completeness to a man or woman.


Especially when you confer on a man the title of “My missing rib who will complete me”

Listen, there is nothing like missing rib. And I see people with that mindset as people who deserve everything except being human. Animals don’t even know what is missing rib. Let me reiterate.

There is no such thing as a missing rib!


If my mother was born in America, my father wouldn’t have been her “missing rib” because he has been in Nigeria.

Who you end up with is often determined by geography, history and religion.



Complete yourself by yourself before getting married because you may end up with a man who haven’t built anything in himself talk more of completing someone. Especially when you’re desperate to pepper your class mates.

When all you want is to break the internet with your pre-wedding pictures.

When all you crave is to have a ring on your ring finger so you can wave at strangers and friends.

A wave of fulfilment.

Never be desperate for a man or a woman

When you start going to crusades and vigils because you want a husband, 80 percent of the time you make a mistake.

A huge one.

Because desperation makes you see anything as an answered prayer.

After months of marriage you start sending Joro nonsense messages because of your impatience. You bring your unfortunate reality to the public and let people have an opinion about you and your marriage.


Y’all be careful.

Written by Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu is a writer and social commentator cum critic. He can be reached via markanthonyfoundation(at)gmail(dot)com

He is on instagram as onye_mark

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