Did The Crime, Did The Time In Jail – Nigerian Rapper, Sinzu, Speaks After His Release From U.S Prison

US-based Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi popularly known as Sinzu or Sauce Kid, has completed his prison sentence for credit card fraud and says “the past doesn’t matter”.

The rapper who was in 2017 jailed for two years in the United States for stealing $15,388 at Treasure Valley, Idaho, said he “did the crime” and “did the time”.

Formerly known as Sauce Kid, the artist was charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, eight counts each of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft, and possession of 15 or more fraudulent bank cards.

He was arrested at Boise Airport as he was about to board a flight, and found in possession was a card encoding device and about $6,000 in cash. He spent his sentence in a federal prison.

While speaking for the first time since regaining his freedom, the ‘Carolina’ rapper on Sunday, put out his first tweet in almost two years.

He wrote; “Did the crime, did the time, the past don’t matter, mind over matter, onto other matters”, adding, “Enough space for the real. Here I come.” 

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