EBOLA: If it enters Nigeria in Buhari’s time, We’re dead – Nigerians Lament

After it swept across west Africa between 2014 and 2016, killing at least 11,000, Ebola is back again and Nigerians are scared already. Congo has confirmed that 17 people have died of the Ebola virus after a new outbreak flared up.

This was confirmed by the head of the national institute for biological research in the Democratic Republic of Congo,  Jean Jack Muyembe today.

It is the ninth time Ebola has been recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose eastern Ebola river gave the deadly virus its name when it was discovered there in the 1970s.

Nigerians who are scared about the news for obvious reasons have taken to social media to lament their fears saying Nigerians are in trouble, if the virus comes to the country under this administration.

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