Workers day or Labour day, as the name implies is a day set aside to acknowledge the service of individuals who dedicate their time, intellectual resource and energy to meeting pain points and needs of others.

Often time, we let principles guide us, only recognizing those we term “professionals”. The world on the other hand, is evolving so quickly from new age jobs like: Content curator, Fashion stylists, Blogger  to unconventional vocational jobs as Welders, Plumbers, Carpenters and Assistant Emergency response team it is glaring that we do know discredit another persons job because they aren’t in the same sphere as ours.

This campaign is to remind ourselves, that we all matter, and every single job that puts food on the table, smiles on faces and respect on your name is worth celebrating.

In line with this, we are interested in knowing what motivates you .Tell us what you do, what you love about it or better still, mention a worker you admire , what they do and why you love them. Join the conversation on all our social media platforms using the hashtag. #RespectMyHustle #UBA #UBA4entrepreneurs