Femi Otedola’s Impersonator Promises Youth Money to Empower Them, Otedola Responds

Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, who joined Twitter  is already suffering the fate most popular people suffer on social media. Many followers of Otedola were probably over the moon with joy, when a tweet they thought was his surfaced. The account which was thought to be that of the business mogul, was asking young Nigerians to send their details and what they do so he would empower them.

Unknown to many, the tweet was the handiwork of an impersonator who was smart enough to change the small letter ‘l’ to capital letter ‘i’, therefore making it look like the @realFemiOtedola. Reacting to the situation,

See what Otedola wrote



Reactions from Otedola’s followers




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