Get Over Here Science Students!!! Abusing Codeine Can Make You Insane


According to BBC Africa, people joke about a new generation of #sciencestudents on a #codeinediet in Nigeria. However, unknown to many, the effects of the opioid are devastating. According to the investigation by BBC Africa, overdosing on Codeine can affect the brain and lead to insanity.

The Nigerian senate estimates that up to 3 million bottles of codeine are drunk *every day* in just 2 states, Kano and Jigawa. People who drink it are known as #sciencestudents.



This is a photo of an addict – Other addicts are in an even worse state. Some are chained to the floor to prevent them from harming themselves or others.

This is the true story of how students are drinking and being sold huge quantities of codeine cough syrup, an extremely addictive drug. Dealers peddle it on campuses and on the streets. Teens mix it with soda, or swig it straight from the bottle at “coda parties.”

See video below


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