How Doctors Viewed My Breast In Name Of Listening To My Heartbeat – Patient Narrates

A Twitter user, who was recently admitted at Garki hospital, Abuja has narrated how students doctors assigned to check her heartbeat started watching her breast instead.

“Was on admission last 2wks n i was given emergency blood transfusion, my body reacted to n it resulted to heart issues n irregular heartbeat..The painful part was that all these small small doctors saw my breast they saw my boobs all in the name of listening to heartbeat.

They were like 18 of them (Student Doctors in training) and the Senior doctors asked them to listen to my heartbeat one by one. I’m never going back to that hospital they can’t see my breast just like that and expect me to act normal

OMG i found one of the student doctors oo twitter is too much

One of them commented on ur post shame is now doing me oo I can’t deal anymore now i will have to leave twitter bcos he will always see my face here and remember that he has seen me naked,” she said.

Source – Juliablaise

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