Igbo in Lagos are too ashamed to speak Igbo – Chimamanda Adichie

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Renowned writer Chimamanda Adichie has said Igbos in Lagos (Ndi-Igbo Lagosians) are too ashamed to speak Igbo. According to the writer, Igbos  who grew up in Lagos run away from their ‘Igbos -ness’ especially in public.

She added that they ‘Igbos’ lost the war because they became ashamed.

See what she said

What reactions from some Nigerians were like


  • Ndigbo Please Answer Me!

    Is what Samantha Dugas is saying true that some of you in Lagos are now ashamed of speaking Igbo?

    Igbo, the mother language of the whole world, that gave birth to every language in the world?

    You dont want to speak the original language anymore? Is that so?

    So you want to speak only pidgin oyibo?

    And we hear some of you have started speaking Hebrew too! Is that true?

    Oh yes, I think they have already started force teaching you Arabic to prepare to islamize you and impose sharia law on you!

    Many of you already speak Hausa, Yoruba, French, German, Hindu, Russian and many others!

    In that case, soon it will be Chinese, because they are now busy taking over Africa!

    Don’t be surprised if very soon your schools will demand that you must take courses in Chinese and speak it too!

    It is now happening in Jamaica!

    Check it out in YouTube!

    The Jamaicans are protesting because if you don’t speak Chinese you won’t be able to get many jobs in Jamaica anymore!

    By the way, do you know why you, Ndigbo are skilled and good in speaking other languages?

    The reason is that, linguistic prowess is in your genes because your language Igbo, is the mother of all the languages in the world!

    Don’t misunderstand me!

    It is good and pragmatic to know how to speak other languages besides your own Igbo, but it is not alright to abandon your mother’s tongue Igbo because you want to be and speak Oyiboo, German, Russian or Chinese!!!

    Mbanu, Ndigbo!!!

    Ka Chukwu gozie unu!

    Just contribute your own ideas and let the readers decide, OK?

    So, let the following erudite Igbo scholars respond!

    Ancient Man Onye Gbo Igbo
    Ndigbo Ancientones Onyegboo
    Maa Ndu
    Eze Ezekwesiri II
    Yahushira Mashiriya
    Inno White
    Nnamdi Nwagbara Alusi Tehete
    Og Amazu
    Ndozi Odinani
    Ezinne Nwokoye
    Onyebummo Okeke
    Chiemere Okereke
    Ijelegizida Omenigbo
    Onyia Nkalari
    Ogoo Nath
    Nna Nna Ndigbo
    Samantha Dugas
    Biafra Igweocha
    Abum Oku
    Biafra Reigns
    Emeka Kolo
    Ezeudo Chibuike
    Ferdinand Mako
    Ida Martinez
    Okwy China
    Chike Mario
    And many other modern Igbo intellectuals and historians!

    Please comment!
    Thank you!

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