Ilaje Land: Meet The Oil Producing Community in Nigeria That Hasn’t Had Electricity Supply For 10years


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After suffering lack of power supply in her community for 10 solid years, Tokunbo Ehinmowo is leading a protest to draw the attention of the federal government to the rather sad situation.

According to Ehinmowo, they are tired of being the proverbial patient dog waiting for the fattest bone . She noted that government must raise to the occasion as the situation is a slap on the face of a community that contributes vastly to the nation’s wealth.

Here is what she had to say:



Ilaje land shares boundaries with Ikale by the North, Ijebus by the West, Itsekiri by the East, Atlantic Ocean by the South with the Apoi and Arogbo Ijaw to the North East. Ondo State has been seen and recognized as an oil producing state mainly due to the amount of petroleum found in Ilaje land.


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