Man Finally Exposed After Hiding His Girlfriend’s Corpse Inside Cupboard For 15 Months (Photos)

Mum-of-three Vicky Cherry’s dead body was hidden for 15 months in an airing cupboard

A sicko has been exposed after he hid his girlfriend’s corpse in an airing cupboard for 15 months. However, he has still refused to reveal how she died.

Andrew Colin Reade was arrested on suspicion of murdering mum-of-three Vicky Cherry but never convicted.

Police discovered Vicky’s body hidden under bike parts in the flat the couple shared in a Bolton cul-de-sac.

Reade claimed he’d woken up to find Vicky dead, claiming they’d taken a cocktail of illicit drugs together the night before.

He said he’d panicked, and told police he wrapped the 44-year-old’s dead body in a duvet and plastic sheeting before shoving it in a cupboard.

Over the next 15 months he told friends Vicky had left him and moved out.

Neighbours told an inquest how Reade used air freshener to cover up the growing stench.

Last June, Reade was jailed for four years and four months after admitting to preventing a lawful burial and perverting justice.

But the cause of Cherry’s death remains unknown, with Reade refusing to attend the inquest last November.

Vicky’s best friend, her cousin Donna Gregory, has now spoken out for the first time about her devastating loss.

Andrew Colin Reade admitted to perverting the course of justice and preventing lawful burial

The mum-of-five said: “I was the last known person to speak to Vicky before her death. I carried her coffin at her funeral but we were told there was very little left of her.

It was sickening.

“She had such an undignified, horrible death. The very least she deserved was a proper burial.

“It infuriates me that Reed has got off so lightly.”

Donna, who now lives in Bradford, said she looked up to Vicky and idolised her as children. They were inseparable growing up.

She said: “As we got older, we’d go out together and we became such good friends.

“Vicky had a very troubled up-bringing and she had her problems. But she had a heart of gold.”

Donna, from Preston, added that Vicky had struggled after her husband Steve’s death from an epileptic fit in 2013 – and met Andrew a year later.

She said: “She confided in me that they were arguing a lot and I was worried about her.

“She said he wasn’t treating her very well. She was quite vulnerable and I wish now, looking back, I had done more to try to talk her into leaving him, there and then.”

One week before she went missing, in October 2015, Vicky called Donna and asked if she could go and live with her.

“I blame myself, because she was supposed to come and live with me; she was days away from a new start. Maybe I could have saved her.”

Donna was the last person to speak to her and the last known person to have any contact with her.

She said: “Vicky told me she’d had enough of Andrew. We made plans for her to come and live with me. I was looking forward to it, and I knew she’d be much happier if she was single again.”

Donna then didn’t hear from Vicky for a fortnight – and became increasingly worried about her whereabouts.

“I began to worry; I asked around and nobody knew where she was. I called the police but they didn’t seem to take it seriously; they went to the house but couldn’t find her.”

The flat where Vicky lived with her boyfriend Reade – who refused to reveal any details about her death

Police eventually launched an appeal but the case seemed to make no progress.

Donna says: “Vicky had vanished into thin air. We couldn’t work it out. I was so worried about her; as time went on, I knew she had to be dead. It was the only explanation.”

In January 2017, Vicky’s body was found in a cupboard at her home and Reade was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Donna says: “I was preparing myself that she was dead. But I could never have been prepared for what had happened to her.”

In June last year, Andrew Colin Reade, 43, pleaded guilty to concealing the body of Victoria Cherry for 15 months and preventing her burial.

The cause of death could not be ascertained because it had decomposed, but a pathologist concluded she may have died as a result of strangulation as injuries to her neck were detected.

Reade admitted intending to pervert the course of justice by giving misleading and inaccurate information about the whereabouts of Victoria Cherry to police officers, pharmacists, and family members.

The sicko also cashed in £1,000 of employment benefits sent to Vicky in the three months after her death.

He refused to attend the inquest into her death in November last year and an open verdict was recorded.


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