Miracle’s brother reacts to reports that Miracle has a sugar mummy (details)

Yesterday, News made rounds on Social Media that the winner of the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality tv show, had a sugar mummy who has been taking care of him, named Juliet.

Apparently, the allegations were made by an anonymous twitter account, with pictures of course.

The account wrote:

“Meet Auntie Juliet and his toy boy @FlyBoyMiracle Miracle’s life is like a movie.

“Now we know the truth about you and your rich sugar mama Juliet with 3 kids n yoh that you are 23 lol wow.

“BBNaija @FlyBoyMiracle you can run but you can’t hide hey auntie Juliet the sugar mama.

“BBNaija Lastly who goes on a date like that with his auntie lol wow ooo @FlyBoyMiracle your life is a movie my brother.

“I feel sorry for that young stupid girl who fell for all your sweet talk while in the BBNaija house. You are a true scrum young man.

“BBNaija please tell Juliet to stop paying bloggers money so they can ruin an innocent girl life. That call was used she didn’t know about your secret life.”

“BBNaija dear Juliat you have watched your tomboy sleep with a woman on national TV for 3 months and you know @FlyBoyMiracle never told that girl anything about you or having a girlfriend outside but yet to pay bloggers to ruin her image just for 45 million naira wow ooo.

“Bbnaija who remembers when biggie asked @flyboymira about what has he lied about while in the bbnaija house???

“And @FlyBoyMiracle said I haven’t lied about anything biggie and that was a big lie @FlyBoyMiracle has a sugar mama with three kids.”

“This woman on the top right is the sugar mama of @FlyBoyMiracle and she’s behind all the hate towards that sill naive girl who fall for all the sweet talk from.

“You might have gotten away with a lot while in the bbnaija house but in reality it’s will all catch up with you in future.

“I’m happy you won the money let hope you’ll pay sugar mama the school fees money she has been supporting you with.”

“I’ve watched your love movie with that stupid naive girl you met in the bbnaija house but it’s time to end it now. Please focus on being a good stepdad.

“@ninaivy_ you must go back to school @FlyBoyMiracle doesn’t care about anyone else but himself.

“Bbnaija @FlyBoyMiracle of I were you I’d take more advice from your older brother.

“And forget about fancy lifestyle sponsored by sugar mama Juliet. @ninaivy_ get a life and stop crying over someone else man who doesn’t care about you silly girl.”

Miracle’s brother, Captain Igbokwe, has now reacted to the allegation.

Reacting via Instagram Live, Captain Igbokwe said the woman known as Juliet is actually their Aunty and that it is disrespectful for anyone to allege that Miracle has anything amorous to do with his own Aunt.

He said: “Juliet is Miracle’s aunt, it is insulting because someone is hurt or you have been unable to see Miracle outside the house then try to fabricate stories.

“In our family, we love each other dearly and down to earth. And then someone calls my aunt, my brother’s sugar mummy it is unfair. How do you expect people to see her in public, this is a woman who has a reputation?”

Watch the video of him speaking below:

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