Nigerian lady shares chat she had with potential employer who demanded s.ex from her before he’ll give her a job

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle, @hottdamii, has taken to the platform to share how the man who coulda been her employer, demanded sex from her before he’d her give the job.

The lady, whose name is Dami, shared the screenshot of the chat she had with the said man and then told Nigerian women that the best thing to do is to employ themselves.

A quite enraged Dami also added that some men are heartless… Read the chats she had below and tell us what you think…

Some days back, it was reported on social media of how a Nigerian lady was fired from her job because she refused to sleep with her boss.

The lady sparked outrage among some social media users, after disclosing that she was sacked from work because she had refused to have sex with her Indian superior.

The Nigerian lady identified as “maami_Chulo” shared her ordeal on twitter and the platform users expressed rage at the development, with some who apparently are human rights activist offering to help take up the matter to get her justice.

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