Nigerian Man Visits British Museum, Spots Stolen Benin Kingdom Artifacts Since 1897 (Photos)

Nigerian man spotted in British museum (Photo source: Facebook user, Dion Osagie)

A Facebook user identified as Ambassador Dion Osagie, who is from Edo state, has taken to the social networking platform to reveal that he recently visited the British Museum and saw some stolen artifacts belonging to Nigeria.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist, who stated that he made the visit during the days leading to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, said that the artifacts were stolen in 1897, and requested that the Benin artifacts should be returned to Nigeria. 

He posted photos from his visit to the museum and wrote: “In the process leading to the royal wedding of Prince Harry, I visited the British Museum to request that our Benin kingdom artifacts stolen since 1897 to be returned with immediate effect. 

“If I didn’t not achieve anything on my tour. My visit to the museum was worth more than anything to me. We will continue to speak and take proper or legal action about it.” 

See his post in full below;

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