Nigerian Senator, Femi Gbajabiamila rocked a N1.2m Gucci suit when he gave his wife a N75m G-Wagon for her 50th birthday

Yesterday, House of Reps Majority leader, Femi Gbajabiamila surprised his wife with a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon that had a customized ‘Assurance’ licence plates.

The senator stepped out in a stylish Gucci Heritage Web tape crêpe wool jacket that costs $3,450, approximately N1.2 million.

See more photos of his outfit below:

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  1. Okonjo Iweala said the Majority Leader tried to change her statement in the book concerning the N17 billion in the 2014 budget for his personal interest. Little wonder, this unconscionable avaricious and lascivious degenerate can flaunt such ostentatious display of wealth obviously proceedings of massive thievery in our face.


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