Politician Beats Up Wife, Accuses Rescuer Of Being Her Boyfriend

A former councillor in Ikosi/Isheri LCDA, Odukunle Kuti, has insisted on the arraignment of a phone repairer, Rasheed Sunkanmi, for allegedly stealing his phone during a fight that he (Kuti) had with his wife.

According to a report by The Punch, Kuti was allegedly beating up his wife in a street in Arepo, Ogun State when Sunkanmi, who was on a bike, asked why a man would be beating up a woman in such a manner.

The 44-year-old Kuti was said to have overheard the statement and confronted Sunkanmi, before allegedly dishing him a slap.

Sunkanmi then retaliated with a blow and a fight ensued, during which both had their clothes torn to shreds.

Kuti reportedly involved some soldiers in the matter, accusing his opponent of being a thief who had stolen his money and wallet.

However, the soldiers dismissed his case after Sunkanmi was searched on the spot and nothing of the sort was found on him.

However, Kuti later reported the matter at a police station, accusing the phone repairer of being his wife’s lover whom she had planted in the crowd to assassinate him.

He again alleged that the 27-year-year stole his phone, wallet and gold jewellery.

Kuti insisted that his opponent must be arraigned by the police.

However, The Punch quoted the Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi as saying, “It is a nonsense case. We gathered that he (Kuti) was fighting with his wife. The woman ran out and he chased her and continued to beat her. While he was beating the woman, a man who was passing by on a motorcycle tried to intervene.

“The man came down from the motorcycle and they started fighting each other. He tore the man’s clothes. Later, he invited some soldiers. He told the soldiers that the man stole his money and telephone. The soldiers searched the man and found nothing on him.

“The next day, he reported the case to the police, saying the soldiers shielded the man. The police searched for the man and brought him; everybody made their statements and the man denied stealing the phone and money.

“He (Kuti) said if the man could not produce his missing money and telephone, the case should be charged to court. The DPO said if that is the case, both of them would be charged with affray; both of them fought, and it is not a case of stealing.”


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