Porsche Car Is Not An Assurance See What’s The Main Assurance – Bob-Manuel Udokwu

Nigerian ladies have made Chioma Davido’s girlfriend a standard to any man that wants their love after she got a Porsche car as a birthday gift from the star singer.After given Chioma the car he said that was his assurance that she will be his own for life.

But on a second thought is buying a Porsche car for a girl an assurance for marriage or is it an assurance for a lasting marriage? Well I don’t think so.

From the words of Nollywood actor Mr. Bob-Manuel Udokwu who revealed some secrets on keeping a lasting marriage, then I will say that this piece of advice is the main assurance and not Davido’s Porsche car gift.

This is the secret below; “You know when you get hitched with somebody from different backgrounds, you are two separate individuals but as adults agree to set up a home together. There are bound to be points of friction, disagreement and points of serious agreement as well.

You have to find a way to navigate those narrow areas and be able to overcome prejudices, doubts or influences. The key is dialogue; we talk. If you close the door of dialogue, just welcome the deterioration of your relationship.

If you don’t get married at a certain stage, you won’t be able to check the excesses that we men have. Beyond your mother, it’s only your wife that can make you come home at a certain time.

You don’t do things in excess because you have someone who looks after you beyond your mother, somebody you left at home who cares for you. It’s also a sign of maturity for us as Africans. You grow from being someone’s child to being someone else husband or wife. It’s a responsibility.

Our society thrusts on you and hopes you handle it maturely. When you succeed in marriage, it’s always very good. I have learnt that being a man you have a huge responsibility not just to your wife, but also to your children.

These children come into the world and see you as their hero. The very first foundation of life starts from the family. If you don’t get it right, then the society will be worse off for it.

The joy of family life is when you see your children grow in life and they are able to do certain things based on the knowledge you pass to them.” He shared.


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