Saheed Osupa Appeals To Nigerian Musicians To Stop Being ‘Western’ In Their Music

As a Fuji act, Saheed Osupa’s music is done mainly in his native Yoruba language. Being that traditional has earned him major accolades around the world and he is regarded as of the most important figures in his genre and Nigerian music in general.

However, the current trend of artistes who try to be foreign in the music is not something he’s pleased with. He was talking about his involvement in Goldberg’s traditional music competition, Ariya Repete. According to him, it is a futile attempt to try and be ‘Western’.

‘As an African artiste, you’re not supposed to be Eurocentrist; you’re supposed to be an Afrocentrist. Your beliefs and all should be about African. Me for example, I’m Afrocentric, just like Fela Anikulpo-Kuti’, he said.

One of the major criticisms of modern Nigerian music is the fact that many artistes seem to crave international exposure and it reflects badly on their careers in the long run. As a result, not many pop artistes have careers that survive past a handful of albums.

Highly rated in his chose genre of Fuji, Saheed Osupa has an incredible repertoire of over 40 albums. Tonight at the Ariya Repete concert in Lagos, fans will have an opportunity to enjoy some of his biggest records as he shares the stage with other big names such as Sir Shina Peters, Adewale Ayuba, Taye Currency and Adekunle Gold.

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