“Stop Prostituting Stylists” – Damilola Oke Calls Out Celebrities Who Don’t Stay Loyal To Their Stylist

The Met Gala and the accompanying extravagant display of styles has all of us feeling some type of way but celebrity stylist Damilola Oke of ‘Fierce N Modish‘ especially has something to say to our celebrities who don’t take their fashion as serious as their foreign counterparts.

Taking to her Instagram to share a photo of Rihanna and her longtime stylist Mel Ottenbergat the Met Ball, Damilola pointed out that the pair have been together for over 10 years through hits and misses. She then went ahead to call out Nigerian celebrities who do not show the same sort of loyalty to their stylists.

She wrote:

Over 12 years of consistency in 1 picture.
Even Rihanna can keep 1 stylist. So what’s your excuse?
Through all the endorsements and big stages, they together.
Wether the world thinks an outfit is mad or not she doesn’t care.
No story when an opportunity comes to shine, it’s Melzy or Nobody.
Stop prostituting stylists or substituting their job function with that of designers or your manager or PA and maybe you will have some fashion or personal brand direction.
Yes. Catch your sub. Disloyal Lots.
Shout out to the loyal ones, you know I breathe for you! I will tag you’s but I’m trying not to be more savage. Off to set!


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