Taking Selfies, Voting: The Things Meghan Markle Is No Longer Allowed to Do

Meghan Markle is about to become a Royal and as she is about to become one with the Royal family, there are a few things she is now unable to do.

As part of the Royal family, Markle now has to conform to some of the rules that come with being a royal.


No More Selfies

Markle will no longer be allowed to take selfies. Meghan has already been prohibited from doing them, and told a couple in Nottingham “we’re not allowed to do selfies”

No More Outings Alone

The new Duchess of Sussex will no longer be allowed to go out unescorted as this is against Royal etiquette. Meghan may have been used to it before, but she will no longer be able to.

Social media

The former Hollywood actress can no longer operate her social media accounts. Her Instagram presence had already fallen flat after it was announced that she was getting married, but now she’ll have to  join Harry, Kate, and William on the Kensington Royal social media accounts that updates the public with their charities.


Meghan is going to become a British citizen as she is applying for citizenship, but while she’ll be allowed to have all the rights of a British citizen, she will not be allowed to vote. According to the parliament website: “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.”. It is said that this is for the benefit of the queen, but that the whole Royal Family also abides by this.

Wearing dark nail varnish

The new royal can no longer wear dark nail varnish. Coloured nail varnish and fake nails are not part of the royal etiquette, and are typically considered to be “vulgar”. Hence, the new royal will no longer be allowed to wear this.

Sign Autographs

The last person to have gotten an autograph from Meghan Markle is lucky indeed as she will no longer be able to sign autographs. Royals are prohibited from scribbling their signatures for other people or on body parts. They are allowed to sign on official documents and other sorts of documents.

Go to bed before the Queen

It is custom for the Queen to go to bed before everyone and she determines when the night is over. This only applies when they are under the same roof.