Unbelievable: White House ‘Owner’ Sues President Trump For $240,000 Unpaid Rent

A report by Law and Crime has shown that a man claiming to be the true owner of the White House has filed a complaint alleging that President Donald Trump owes him quite a bit in unpaid rent.

William Feegba, who is representing himself, filed the landlord/tenant complaint in a Washington D.C. court on Tuesday, May 8th.

In it, he claims that the monthly rent for the White House is $25,000.00 per month, and that Trump has failed to pay him from the time he took office in January 2017 until January 2018.

In reality, a year of rent at $25,000 a month totals $300,000, but Feegba is only suing for $240,000.

It should be noted that the same day he filed this complaint, he filed a similar one against President Barack Obama, claiming that the former president failed to pay rent from January 2010 until January 2018, even though Obama moved out in January 2017.

He is seeking $2.4 million in that regard.

According to celebrity gossip and entertainment news outlet, TMZ, Feegba has filed similar lawsuits against past presidents going back to Jimmy Carter, with varying rent amounts.

He reportedly claims his ownership of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue due to allegedly being a descendant of George Washington.

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