Youths Wouldn’t Engage in crime, if there were job opportunities, Even Yusuf is riding bike because of idleness – Reno Omokri

Following the  arrest of suspected internet fraudsters in Ikoyi by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. there have been arguments and counter-arguments on internet fraud ‘Yahoo’. Dropping his two cents on the issue, Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has said some Nigerians feel the need to support ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ not because it is right but because of some thing the government does.

Reno in a  series of tweets on Sunday said FG’s double standards of releasing confirmed terrorists who ‘repent’ and arrests young men who may or may not be fraudsters. See what he wrote:



  1. This is true which has to be told, come to think of it, if yahoo boys are being raided on daily basis, though, no one smiles at what they do, an d no excuse for crimes whatsoever. Amidst hardship in this country where families can hardly feed once a day, let alone having assurance of feeding the entire family, people die in their large number, communities being attacked under the watch of a leader who travels at will attending to other unwarranted needs, talking anyhow like an adolescent as an elderly man; you ridicule your your people when you are out there, this is an opprobrium.
    If we would be fair enough, lets ask ourselves where Buhari’s son got the whole lot of money he bought a BMW Power Bike from? Has anyone queried this? Am sure a lot of Nigerian wouldn’t have known but until he fell off the bike and almost ended his life, No wonder Fela sang “Animal dey wear agbada….animal dey put e tie o….. The Fulani i used to know while we where growing up far north walk behind their cattle, today they are riding expensive bikes, a herdsman can as far carry an AK-47, someday if these unscrupulous species are not checked they will move around with explosives.. where did they get their guns? who are their sponsors? Nigeria is the only legitimate country any dick and harry can stroll in to the country through our porous boarder, walk on the street without any form of identification, you even see foreigners whether criminals or what have you. This is a country where cows are more valued than the human lives, stolen money recovered from politicians are spent carelessly, whether shared among themselves or not, the masses cannot tell.
    Killings in Benue was never addressed, the president kept mute on this, when reactions became so unbearable, soldiers were sent there only to arrest innocent youths, Jos killings, Taraba, Adamawa, the east, only to notice that about 1000 soldiers or more were deployed to zamfara because of Fulani cows, what a shame! Shame on our current democracy, when politicians decamp security operatives go after them, that is when government remembers they had stolen money, when you are not in APC you are tried for crimes you either committed or not but thieves, robbers and rogues who decamped to APC are saints….there is God somewhere watching and who will judge you and your forth coming generations whether now or later.
    Everyone is using his power to oppress helpless Nigerians who elected them, though a lot of them bought their ways in, like the Ekiti recently concluded election when people sold their votes and the governor-elect could even say it openly say that it was his money that worked, stolen money used to pay for votes.
    well, 2019 is around the corner lets wait and see where God will come to our rescue from the hands of these irresponsible government who is interested in the pain, pain and groan of the people.
    Any of the current minister that had not stolen or looted his state’s treasury to sponsor evil should come out and say this publicly, these were former members of PDP, left joined the APC and became saints…”not not my anointed” what a shame, thieves and robbers deceiving themselves, nemesis will some day catch up with them, its a matter of time.


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